Friday, January 8, 2010

Enough snow already!

The plow made it through today, so we can go somewhere tomorrow if we'd like.  I don't think we'll actually go anywhere until Sunday Mass, but it's nice to know the option is there!

Just how much snow do we have around here?'s the goat pen:

You can see where the goats walked right out of the pen.  I don't blame them!  Their little goat hut is completely buried.

Behind this drift is the pen where the Jacob rams used to stay:

The rams have a new pen.  The goats could have a new pen, too, but they're very particular about which pens they'll actually stay in.  The little Pygmy goat, Mary, is extremely clever about opening latches.  The two Saanens, Diamond and Ruby, are much better about staying where they're supposed to stay.  They will, however, follow their friend Mary right out a gate because -- after all -- it's not their fault if it was opened for them, right?  They currently have decided to hang out by the hay bale next to the new ram pen and share water with the Jersey heifer we're milking.

It's been a bit challenging to keep everyone warm and fed and watered with the cold temps and all this snow, but I'm so proud of my boys for doing an amazing job with their chores.  I'm thankful we have plenty of hay and feed and were able to get to everything when we needed it.  I'm also very happy my husband was snowed in with us instead of away at work.  He got to help milk the cow a little more often than he'd like, but he's the fastest milker on the place, and it sure was appreciated on these cold days!

I'm going to go make a cup of tea, grab a few of the gardening catalogs that have been stacking up, curl up in some blankets, and dream of spring.

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