Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here's the Mail

With the road plowed, the mail came today!  I don't at all mind being snowed in for awhile, but for some reason, the thought of no mail for several days at a stretch makes me feel lonely.  I was so happy to see our mailman's truck pull into the end of the drive, retrieve our outgoing letters, and fill our box with several days' worth of mail before making his "U" turn and heading back to town.  (We're the last place on his route.)

So...did we get anything wonderful?  Yes!  Among the bills and junk mail, we got the local town's paper, which usually comes on Thursdays.  We received the Nebraska Dairy Goat Association newsletter, which is always a very fun read.  And...we got a package I ordered.  There were a few fun things for our daughter's upcoming birthday, and there was a little treat for me:  Sara Evans Greatest Hits  So many songs that I enjoy!  I listened to it the rest of the afternoon and made the kids dance with me.  Even though I didn't spend too much time outside today (it was -17F when we did morning chores!), I still got in my 10,000+ steps, so thank you very much, Sara!

For dinner this evening, I helped the kids make individual pizzas.  We forgot to prick the dough before baking it, though, and we ended up making the most perfect pocket breat ever!  It turned out much nicer than my usual pita bread recipe.  If only I followed a recipe for making pizza dough, I'd know what to do the next time I want pita bread.

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